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Classroom Library Catalogs by Certified Teacher

Classroom Libraries

All classroom teachers that have a library available for students in the classroom have provided a list of books available to students.  You can access their classroom books lists by clicking on their name. If teachers do not have a library available to students, their name will not be hyperlinked. 

Debbie McClain-PreK
Jessica Tomlinson-PreK

Tammy Howell-K
Elisha Mitchell-K
Shannon Redman-K

Kelley Jones-1
Becky Rye-1
Jamie Scism-1

Carrie Brake-2
Kelsi Vanzant-2
Abby Walters-2

Candace Beard-3
Lynn Broadbent-3
April McCarson-3

Macy Frady-4
Ashley Lill-4
Jeni MacVicar-4

Kim Black-5
Jennifer Glatz-5
Jamyson Shockley-5

Stephanie McGriley-SPED
Mackenzie Melton- SPED
Rachael Welborn-SPCH

Pam Bumpus-RTI
Jeanette Hoskins-RTI
Ethan Dillard-PE
Nichole McMillan-LibrarY

Caitlyn Walker-Counselor